The central document governing how OURPGSoc runs is our constitution. Additionally, there are various other documents containing by-laws not included in the constitution. These by-laws can be amended by the vote of a majority of those present in person or by proxy at a General Meeting.

Governance of OURPGSoc

Governance of OURPGSoc (pdf)

This document describes how the Society is run, including descriptions of the Executive Committee, Senior Member, and General Meetings.

Additional Posts of OURPGSoc

Additional Posts of the Oxford University Role Playing Game Society (pdf)

This document sets out the roles of the Elected Officials of the Society. Positions are elected annually at the AGM, held in Hilary Term.

Conduct and Acceptable Themes (CAT) Policy

Conduct and Acceptable Themes Policy (pdf)

A message from the President:

Dear all,

Above is linked the Conduct and Acceptable Themes Policy (CAT Policy). Given not everybody has been part of the discussions that resulted in the creation of the CAT Policy, I figured I would add a quick note with this document at the time of its first publication to give a quick extra bit of context about it.

This policy was created over two terms of discussions (MT14-HT15) across the Society in order to give a series of rules and guidelines to promote an inclusive environment in all OURPGSoc Events, as well as to protect both GMs and Players from themes and behaviours that can be detrimental to enjoyment of a game. The themes listed on it are not all-encompassing, and the policy was written to help give guidance on trickier roleplaying issues with the intention that it be interpreted and implemented in good faith.

Due to the nature of such a policy, there are things that are missed or things that are ambiguous. At the time of writing this, in particular, the CAT Policy is currently ambiguous on an issue I would like to make clear regarding self harm: while "depictions of self harm as an expression of emotional distress" is listed as a theme that will not be permitted in events, nobody should *ever* feel they have to cover up Out of Character evidence of self harm because of this.

I hope that helps with that issue - there will undoubtedly be more discussion of this policy and the themes listed in it during coming months, but in the mean time all I can stress is to take the policy in good faith, and a reminder that each game should tailor the themes and contents of this policy to their own needs.

For your convenience, I also include the following links to documents similar to this policy, as well as University Regulations:

Similar Documents

University Regulations

If you have any questions about the CAT Policy, its intentions or implementation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the President.

Online Spaces Guidance

Online Spaces Guidance (Google doc)