Current Tabletop Organiser: Lauren Pengelly

Tabletop roleplaying games are what many people think of when they hear "roleplaying". They encompass a huge range of systems from the original Dungeons & Dragons, to the sprawling World of Darkness setting, to assorted adaptations of popular media franchises, to homebrews created to fit a particular idea or setting. The basic principle remains the same: you sit around with a group of people and talk about what your characters are doing. Dice are often (but not always!) involved, and systems can vary between depending heavily on stats and rules to determine outcomes, and allowing a lot of freedom to players and GM to decide that things happen "because it would be cool".

The Society runs a weekly tabletop session on Sundays in which GMs will run one-shot games or episodic campaigns that allow players to drop in and have a go. These sometimes happen in person with actual tables, and sometimes happen online on our Discord server. See the termcard for more information, or contact the Tabletop Organiser.

The society also has a large number of tabletop source and setting books available in our library.